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Lily Camera Drone: The Autonomous UAV that Follows and Films You

Nowadays many types of drones are available on the market. They are able to shoot video and still photos while hovering in the air, providing a vantage point that would not be otherwise possible.

However, many of the existing models are quite difficult to operate, with far too many controls for the average user to grasp. Enter the Lily Camera drone, an autonomous UAV that will film you while following you independently.

A vast majority of these products are geared towards professionals, not for first-time or amateur pilots. But what if there were drones that anybody can use with little to no tweaking?

Lily Robotics, a tech startup based in California, is designing drones that anybody can operate with ease. They are launching their Lily Camera Drone this summer and it is being branded as the drone for beginners. An exact Lily camera drone release date was not available at the time of going to press.

Lily Camera Drone Blue-Eyes

Lily Camera Drone – Autonomous UAV

  • No setup Required
  • Just throw the Lily Camera drone to begin filming
  • No controller required
  • 1080p HD video at 60 fps
  • Lily is waterproof and floats on water
  • Ultra portable

With the Lily camera drone, simply toss it up in the air and it will start to fly. Lily does all the hard work by automating everything for you. The UAV is a quadcopter designed to always follow you and keep you in its tracks at all times.

Consequently, this means that it does not require much control by the user, making it very simple to pilot. At the moment, every Lily Camera Drone review has given the UAV high marks.

Lily Specs

The drone is fitted with three cameras – one that visually tracks you, one that records footage, and one that is aimed at the ground to ensure stabilization.

The Lily Drone is able to record HD video (1080p, 60 fps) and it can also record in slow motion(720p, 120 fps), perfect for capturing wonderful, breathtaking action shots. It can also snap still photos at a crisp 12 MP, quite high for a camera drone. With state-of-the-art technology, the Lily camera drone is able to hover up to 15 m above the ground and go up to 30 m away from the target.

Lily has a maximum traveling speed of 40 km/h, making it quite agile. This can be attributed to its compact size and advanced motors.

Lily Camera Drone Top Down

Owing to its small size, this camera drone is ultra-portable and can be packed anywhere. It is also jam-packed with a variety of sensors, including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a GPS. All of these components are housed in a waterproof chassis, so even if you take a dip in a pool, this drone will not take any damage.


The Lily is designed to weather the elements, being waterproof and also very sturdy. The drone has a 20 minute flight time, after which it needs to be charged for only 2 hours before you can toss it up in the air again.

“A Camera, Not A Drone . . . “

Lily Camera Drone WaterproofAccording to Antoine Balaresque, the CEO and co-founder of Lily Robotics, the Lily is not a drone, but a flying camera:

“We don’t see this as a drone. This is robotics technology applied to cameras. To me, a drone is a military device that flies around and shoots people. The Lily is a benign camera that flies. I suppose it is just a matter of wording.”

Balaresque went on to say: “The camera market is huge,” said Balaresque. “In five years, our goal is that all non-flying cameras are obsolete.” Intriguing.

Whether you want to call it a drone or a flying camera, it is perfect for amateurs and professional vloggers alike as they do not need to manually control the contraption with a clunky remote control or a flying stick.

The Lily comes with a tiny, lightweight tracking device that fits right in your pocket or can be placed on a wristband. The drone and the tracking device are equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi to allow for seamless connectivity. This allows the flying drone will always know your exact location and keep an eye on you at all times.

The drone even has a built-in microphone, not typical in most drone models, allowing users to record audio in addition to video. At some point you may be wondering, “What does this drone not have?”

Head to Head With GoPro

Lily Camera Drone Tracking-DeviceLily Robotics claim that they do not want to compete in the drone world, but rather with GoPro. That’s right, they want the Lily to be the next big action camera brand. Many vloggers now recording and uploading regular as well as slow-mo footage. Lily Robotics wants to tap into this market and position itself as the number 1 action sports camera.

Unlike the GoPro, the Lily camera drone is fully automatic, allowing users to perform amazing actions without the encumbrance of handling remotes manually. A bold move by a small startup that only started with 5 members not too long ago. Lily Robotics has quickly garnered millions of dollars in funding in a relatively short time.

However, it still needs a bit of work to be perfect. Currently, the Lily does not have proximity sensors, meaning it will not be excellent in an environment with many airborne objects, trees, or buildings.

For now, users can freely capture footage in an open space where the drone can fly freely. The Lily Camera is currently in the pre-sale period, so it can be purchased at $899. After this period expires, The Lily Camera drone price will be pegged at $999. This is still much cheaper than other professional camera drones.

Lily camera drone UK prices and availability will be confirmed at a later date. Stay tuned for more information on the autonomous UAV and our upcoming Lily Camera Drone review.


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